Moms should not be allowed to get sick

I’m fighting some kind of stupid infection and it’s got my temperature bouncing all over… making me feel miserable and achy.  I suspect this is my “version” of whatever Bren was fighting Friday and Saturday, so I’m hoping to wake up in the morning completely ok… yeah.

It’s 10:30 at night and I was in bed for hours before I finally got up.  I was thirsty as hell and couldn’t get comfortable, so finally I gave in and got my ass out of bed.  The baby had finally settled down after more than an hour of sitting in his crib, babbling LOUDLY to himself.  How Bren slept through it is beyond me.

I think Aidan just doesn’t need as much sleep as other kids his age.  He’ll be up early in the morning – probably before 6am – after only about 9 hours of sleep.  He takes a single nap each day (mostly) but it’s usually not too long.  Sometimes he’ll get 8 hours through the night and maybe a 1-hour nap.  Crazy.

I had to cancel out of tutoring tonight.  I can’t go to their home when I’m running a temp of 101…  I don’t think the dad gets sick time from his job and I’m not going to get the kids sick.  That would be the worst…  That said, getting communication up to them that I was sick and wouldn’t be coming?  Well, that was a bear.

The worst part about how this hit was the light sensitivity and the headache.  Oh yeah, the ice cold feet and hands and legs…  And the roiling stomach.  I had a piece of toast for dinner.  Now I’m drinking fluids because I feel like I’ve been beaten up.  I was just looking at the ad for the Watchmen and I was thinking that I’d like a special super power where I never, ever got sick.  Whoa.  That’d be nice.

I know… I get sick a lot.  I’m stressed, over-scheduled, and I have small children, one of whom is in public school.  Welcome to the germ festival and the suppressed immune system.  wahoo.

On the flip side of things, I’ve always suspected that I won’t ever get a really serious illness because I have spent so much of my life sick with something or other (since I was a very small child).  Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part, but that’s just how I’ve always thought of it.  I also wonder if the reason I feel it so much when I get sick is because I’m so hyper-aware of my body and its status?  Perhaps I’m simply able to tell when I’m not functioning at my best and I feel it more???  I have no idea.  I just wish I could figure out why it seems to hit me so frequently.  Admittedly, my jaw is seriously out of alignment these days and I know that aggravates my upper-respiratory issues.

Oh well.  I can poke at it intellectually all I want.  I know of a couple things that would help – sleep (OMG, no shit), better nutrition, and exercise… Hell, some fresh air (NON-INVERSION CRAP) would be nice too.  In fact… a vacation to some gorgeous tropical island for about a month – with no financial worries, no school and work worries, and fresh seafood…  That would probably cure me right quick.

Dreams are a good thing…  to bad this one can’t happen.

My neck is killing me and I really want something to tamp down on the facial pain.  I’d take Aleve, but my stomach is still doing the hoochy coochy dance and not in a good way.


Work today?  I was disconnected and out of it.  I’ve almost got the 3rd party spreadsheet completed – a relief to get that one off my desk.  I’ll finish it up in the morning.  Next on my list is pcard reconciliation and processing of one of the few travel reimbursements that will actually go through now.  All other travel is frozen at the university (rightly so in my estimation), but this is local travel that is required as regular functioning for our department.

I guess I’d better finish up this juice and try to calm my thoughts so I can go back to sleep.  Work is only a short night’s sleep away and I need to be ok for it.  Tums and painkillers might be my diet for tomorrow.   I hope Tuesday brings good things.  I hope something nice happens.  I hope I find something that brings back my cheery smile.  I hope good things are reported in the news.  I don’t think those are too much to hope for, do you?



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