Moonfire’s thoughts on things…. for a Thursday…

Really interesting article on Slate, particularly in the face of the “passing” of the stimulus bill without one single Republican vote.  Understand me here – I lean Democrat, but I’m just as willing to talk about Democratic issues as those for Republicans…  I think that the issue is one of “politician” versus party.  I don’t know what the hell is happening in our government right now, but those folks need to stop thinking that their way is the only way.  Find a balance and find a solution… quit bickering, nattering at each other about who’s fault it is and for the sake of all of us little folks out here – GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER.

I’m also a strong supporter of Obama, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t give critical comments about him and I certainly worry that he’ll veer off track for his bipartisan efforts.

Those caveats given, I sure as hell hope that the politicians, party aside, pull their heads out and get to creating jobs.  Put people to work and we’ll survive.  Piss around and things will continue to get worse.

Echoing comments I read on a board yesterday, a 93 year-old man died because his power was cut off (and he died in an absolutely horrible way, according to the coroner)… He was behind $1000 on his bill…   I doubt the poor man had $1000 per month incoming.  The utility company’s response to what happened?  “Neighbors need watch out for each other better.”  Shit.  I’m still furious over that one.  I don’t care how much he was behind… cut him off when we’re not in the middle of the freaking winter, you idiots.

Record numbers of jobs lost on Monday – one freaking Monday…

And still ignorant people post things like “stop posting on here and get out and look for a job.”  Pull your head out of your ass and give it a shot, jerk.  When you have 100’s applying for a single job, you have most who don’t even get an interview.  And I say this from the perspective of a hiring manager, so get a reality check.

Sorry… testy about a lot of things today, even as my soul-searching is helping me to find some peace about a few things.

In the interest of balance and so this isn’t all about a rant…  and I’m a mom, so I can rant with the best of them…  I have to say that I just read Living With Intensity: Understanding the Sensitivity, Excitability, and the Emotional Development of Gifted Children, Adolescents, and Adults by Susan, Ph.D. Daniels, Michael M., and Ph.D. Piechowsk.  Great book.  Based on what I just read, I now understand better my sensitivity to sensory stimuli.  That helps, even though it doesn’t change it.

I also understand some things I’ve done or said to Bren that I would have been better off keeping to myself and shutting up.

I really need to get to work and accomplish a couple things, so I can’t go into depth right now, but I’d like to say that this is an excellent book to read if you are high-strung – emotionally, intellectually, kinesthetically, imaginatively, or sense-wise.  I was diagnosed, incorrectly, as Bipolar 1.  After researching and understanding more about myself and finding acceptance in who I am, I’ve come to realize that this was in error, but not due to a true failing on the system.  Without an understanding that they needed to first rule out other reasons for my behaviors, of course I seemed to fit this diagnosis.

Why then, would pregnancy seemingly erase many of the behaviors?

Hmm….  interesting, huh?

I’ll be back to write more about this and to dig deeper into it, when I have a free moment (oh yeah… that’s got me rolling on the floor).

Finally, my huge laugh of the morning was Kari’s comment that her medieval profession was Scullery Maid.  Oy.

Cheers to all,


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