A mum’s take on “Meet The Press” for 1/25/2009

Well now I’m feeling testy.  I’m surprised David Gregory didn’t press harder on his first guest this morning….  Lawrence Summers, Director of the  National Economic Council…

On the question about what would he tell the folks with the 529 who are five years out until their child will be going to college, the guest gave a pat, political answer.

And this illustrates my chief aggravation with those at the political level – folks who aren’t facing the kinds of financial struggles that we are facing – political “talk” isn’t needed right now.  Concrete solutions and a solid plan at the highest level… that’s what we need.

The answer that Summers gave, about everyone following the rules and working hard…  holy crap, what the hell do you think the majority of the “little” guys in this country have been doing?  And it’s hard to “work hard” when you don’t have a job or you’re under-employed and under-earning.  His answer was fluff…  And, in fact, most of what he said in his discussion with D.G. was just that, the noises that it is common to hear from any political talking-head.  I had great hopes for this morning.  Instead, I find myself vaguely disgusted.

And Boehner was really no better, but at least I didn’t expect much from him.  His comments about his background and growing up were fine, but his attempt to connect to the “common” folks came off as obvious and rang slightly false.  Even my husband, caught up in setting up the printer for us to use for my second job and our degree programs – even my husband turned to the tv, raised an eyebrow and made his “what the hell” face…

So that’s my bitch for this morning… but don’t get me wrong, I understand these guys.  The fact is this is a rough time and there are no easy or single answers.  I question exactly how much our government can do.  The world is getting hit with this.

**The comment quoting the Roy Scheider line from Jaws, “You’re going to need a bigger boat,” was perfect.  Holy shit, Captain, we need one HELL of a bigger boat!

***Sorry, dirty diaper (ie, reality) interrupted my train of thought.

I’d like to go on, but I need to focus and listen, plus it’s time to work on homework with oldest son.  I have more to say on a number of personal topics, however, I see that it’s time to listen…

back later – moonfire


2 thoughts on “A mum’s take on “Meet The Press” for 1/25/2009

  1. Regarding your comment, “don’t get me wrong, I understand these guys,” my question is: but do they understand you? And me? And the rest of us ordinary blue-collar and white-collar folks?

  2. Excellent question and my answer to that is no – I think they see us in terms of generalities and statistics, but they don’t really understand the issues we face on a daily basis or how the individual families have to deal with what is happening in the economy.

    I think we are “theoretical” to them… a mass group. Unemployment is _%, well, that’s simply a percentage of the population and yes, it needs to be addressed, but I often wonder if they think of the individual impact…

    The reason I can say I understand them is they are so few… these decision makers. I can look at individual governors, legislators, and our top level government executives… I can see the faces and put (some) names to them. They look back at us and see a mass of people. We can see them and, often, place a motivation at their feet – money, power, prestige… maybe even some urge to help the country – the problem is, the country is a whole – right now there are a lot of individuals needing help.

    It’s hard (as an individual or family) to feel any connection to the big plans for the country as a whole – plans that may or may not make a difference in the immediate and near future – it’s hard because the concerns of the individuals and families are measured in minutes, hours, and days. The country’s issues are measured in days, weeks, and months (even years).

    It’s a limited intersection and a big reason I believe confidence is so low. Do I have confidence that things will turn around? Why yes… actually I do. Will that turn around be on a micro-level and fast enough? No. I doubt it.

    Work hard? We are – when we’re kept employed. Follow the rules? We do. And still things are failing.

    My question is this – how much can government really do?

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