Whoa, Dude!

I’m not sure what has triggered it, but I woke up this morning to massive traffic on my blog.  It’s funny how satisfying that is.  Does this make me silly?


I have a bunch of small things to blog, but will need to do it later today because I actually need to get my butt into the shower and then get to work at a decent hour.

I’ll be back and hopefully I’ll be coherent.

Thought I’d close with this interesting and fun game my friend, Helen, and I do…  We write emails back and forth, almost daily because we’re both office-peons in state employment.  Once in a while, perhaps due to fatigue or recovery from illness or perhaps due to nothing more than perversity of spirit, interesting or strange words leak into our emails.  It then becomes fun to note the weird combinations we’ve managed to inject into our messages…

example?  Hmmm….  Ok.  I can’t think of anything now, except for the conversation we had that was punctuated by the comment that hell might be organic material.

See?  Now I’ve tried to think of the words we’ve worked in and my brain is still a big pile of something, so of course I can’t think of anything.  Bah.  Ridiculous.

Shower time.  Perhaps some hot, steamy water will loosen the cogs, get things going, and enable me to rejoin the THINKING human race.  Otherwise, all is lost and I’m going to be stuck sitting in my office with almost nothing interesting to say.

Good thing I’m a peon, eh?  I can simply defer advanced thinking up the line to the powers that be.  Oooh, but they’re disorganized and that is a scary thought.


Cheers on this cold, icy, slipper-roads morning.


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