Service: Being a volunteer

I will not just be teaching the family, I’ll be their volunteer.  This is a long-term, possibly life-time, commitment.

I can’t be “official” – whatever that might mean – until after 4/15/2009 when my teaching contract expires.

I have a great deal of peace with this decision, even as my friends still think I’m nuts for doing it.  And I understand that sentiment.  I have just extended my “family” to include four more people.  My heart AND my head tell me it was the right thing to do.

Give me strength… that’s all I ask.



One thought on “Service: Being a volunteer

  1. Giving part of ourself is what makes our lives so memorable when we look back on our accomplishments. It is also what makes you who you are, Shan…a warm, loving, giving human being.

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