huh? What?

Between the baby, the dog and my oldest, I’m dead tired.

Went to bed at 8:45, was up at 10pm, walking dog – then back to bed… up at midnight to walk dog, then up at 1am because in my bleariness at midnight did not close door to bathroom and dog got out, got into garbage and lay down next to me licking….

Dog went back in… made it until 4am when oldest had wet bed – got oldest cleaned up, stripped and changed bed, got oldest back to bed when youngest woke up at 4:33am.  Got youngest through diaper change, made bottle, found toy that he wanted and got him back in crib…  where he promptly sat and jabbered until he finally squawked at me to get him out of there at 5:45am….

Now it’s 9:30 and I’m wiped out…. two nights in a row of bad sleep plus the two before those were interrupted by wailing baby, even though sweet husband took care of him.

Same sweet baby is going down for a nap in a bit and so is mummy.  Oldest son can find something quiet to do and will let mummy nap.

I have to be awake and sensible by 4pm when I head off for my tutoring session.  This is NOT optional.  Seriously.

And I have tons of paperwork to catch up on.  Blech.  Baby better sleep for a couple of hours because mummy really needs it.

…what was I saying?

yeah.  No brain left.  Sleepy…


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