Sewing class update

Perhaps I was a bit cocky about it and certainly the materials aren’t “cutting edge” – ooh look, a pun without even trying! – but I’m enjoying it.  And I’m learning some new things.  The section on the sewing machine was very minimal, but great information about needles, machine maintenance (the basics) and a good bit about appropriate threads to use.

I’ve completed 3 of the 22 lessons and now I’m to one of the practical exercise packets.  I really need to clean and organize my sewing space anyway, so this is a good day to dig into that practical exercise.  Plus, I’d like to pull out my good machine and get it cleaned up.  It has been a long, long while since I used it (over a year, I think) so I want to do some of the portfolio samples that my exercise calls for.  I think I’ll review the manual too and see if I can’t go a bit further, doing some of the options that I’ve never used on it.

My serger has seen more action, yet I think I’d like to clean it up and check it over too.  Seems appropriate for this icky cold day.  (time to check on the dog as well… poor guy…  ugh)

Anyway, for anyone who is maybe considering the Penn Foster course as a way to pick up sewing or perhaps refresh on rusty skills, it’s interesting and fun.  Yes, some of the material feels dated to me and the written materials could stand some updating/editing, but it’s a good overview.

When I’ve got the extra machine that comes with the course, I’m thinking about doing mini-lessons with friends who’d be interested in learning more.  I learned from my mum and I think one-on-one is really the best way to do it.

Back to work and Mr. Danny the Dog needs to be walked….  I just hope he’s feeling a bit better…



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