One small, cranky child

We have a temperature inversion causing really bad air quality and our youngest is having a horrible time with it.  The by-product of his misery is our misery.

I’m ready to pull my hair out.

Now he’s been relegated to his crib.  He’s staying there and he’s going to get some sleep because mummy has finally reached the end of her rope.


And that’s all I’ve got for today because I’m exhausted and I need to spend some time with Bren.  I have mush for a brain right now.  Sleep will be the cure for that.  Tomorrow morning is homework for Brennan and two tests for me.  Fun stuff.  I’d like to organize my sewing area and see if I can log on to the graduate website so I can look for my book requirements.  I’d like to do advance readings during February and be fully prepared for the start of class.

I did some prep-work for next week’s tutoring sessions and I need to finish up some paperwork.  Even when I’m not working, there’s a ton to do.

They say not to overschedule kids but I think that applies to grownups too.  That reminds me that I’ve got a phone call and maybe a visit to do tomorrow.  Sigh… it just never ends.



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