Suggestion for those applying for jobs….

Please, please, please…. read the job posting carefully and follow the submission guidelines carefully.  About 25% of the people applying for the openings in my college are NOT following the guidelines.  I sent a man a follow-up email directing him to review the materials needed and he still didn’t follow the directions.

He doesn’t get a third chance and in this job market, it was generous to give him a second one.

If you can’t follow the instructions for applying and the materials (let alone the education) required, you aren’t going to make it into the review committee.  It was left up to me to drop the applicants who did not submit the correct materials right from the beginning and I went the extra step to suggest reviewing the posting and resubmitting the package.  How can you possibly blow it then????

You have to pay attention to details.  Don’t and you won’t even be considered, no matter how qualified you are because you won’t even make it past the screening.

That’s it.  Book time.


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