I will attempt some deep breathing.

Stressed myself out so bad last night that I didn’t sleep. 

Here’s my confession:  I’m a perfectionist.  NO!!  (all my friends and my family are nodding solemnly right now)

Yes.  I admit it.  I hate not knowing how to do something and I hate doing less than my best.  I feel like I’m going into this afternoon with no notes, no studying, and no idea what the hell I’m doing.

Holy crap. 

So I didn’t sleep last night… at least not until my body finally gave out in exhaustion and I could actually feel that leaden sensation hit my arms and legs. 

I’m fine with *winging* it when it’s something where only I am affected, but this is so very different.


Just got an email from Bren’s teacher.  He’s having issues.

I need to go for a walk and do some thinking.



One thought on “I will attempt some deep breathing.

  1. Let’s form a club….We’ll call it “too intense for our own good.”

    I’m a expressive/analytical…that means I volunteer to do too much then I think it has to be done perfectly…or maybe just CRAZY 😉

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