Achieving anxiety through not eating…

Stupid of me, really, but I’ve managed to achieve that brilliant and edgy Sunday anxiety through a combination of not eating and events that shook me up.  Stupid.  Stupid. Stupid.

I’ll correct the eating thing… now.  Honestly, I wasn’t hungry.  Breakfast was lovely and filling and I didn’t need more.  On the trip home I bonked and now I feel ill.  Then the events issue was something that my sweet honey helped me fix – thank god for Todd.

So I’ll eat, calm down and prepare for my day tomorrow.  I’m actually thinking about taking a hot, soaking bath to ease my stress level.

You know, there is the old saw about controlling how you react to something – that it’s all up to you.  Well, yes, I agree… but sometimes, no matter how much you might want to, you simply can’t control how you respond.  Maybe time will dull the vulnerability of my nerves, but for now they appear to remain raw.

On to better topics: I had a great visit with Rachel, Olin and Lonny.  Olin has gotten so big!  And he is such a talker!!  It’s funny to hear a little two year old so articulate.  I’ve invited them over for next Saturday so the boys can tear apart our house and let off steam here.  🙂  That’ll be fun and it’s a visit that is long overdue.

The thing I love about Rachel and Lonny is that they are so mellow and so natural.  They live in a very real mental space that is always calming to me.


The anxiety has released… I’m sitting on the massage cushion that we got for Christmas from Todd’s family… it’s lovely and the heat function is amazing.

Tired now.  I’m going to eat something and maybe take that hot bath.  Tomorrow will come all too quickly and I need to be somewhat prepared.  I’m trying to decide if I really want to do laundry and sadly, I think the answer is um, no.

Ok.  Done.  Back when food has revived my spirits and some of my reading is accomplished.  T.T. must have my complete attention and preparation for tomorrow.



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