One of those days…

I wanted to have the assessments done today, in some kind of effort to get started on the regular tutoring schedule and end this limbo state.


I got the little girl’s assessments done (math and language arts) but the older boy was out playing when I got there and when I was done with his sister, he was no where to be found.

Five hours of work today and my total paid time is one hour.  Now… I should say that I knew this was going to be a rough start, so I’m fine with things.  I have my work cut out for me, as far as doing anything helpful.  I’m not going to worry about it.  I just need to keep it fun.  Mondays and Wednesdays are with T.T., the little girl.  She got to pick her days, which was nice.  She barely talked while I was there and I know much of what is causing issues for her is the language barrier…  she’s definitely smart and knows things at her grade level.  If language weren’t a problem, she likely wouldn’t need me.

I’m going to send an email to my sister and see what kind of advice she has for working with children.  She taught English in Japan for two years.  She should be an excellent resource.

I wish I knew some Karen (the native language for both my students).  It would help me so much.

I’ve done a bit of laundry… changed the kids beds… cleaned up the clutter upstairs…  that’s it.  Oh wait.  I got the grocery shopping sort of done.  The house is a raging mess and I am out of energy.  In fact, I’m thinking bed is likely to be in my near (ie, less than two hours) future.  I’d like to do some reading in my sewing studies before bed and tomorrow I’m going to visit my friend, Rachel, around noon – with both boys….

I’m trying to figure out when I’ll find the time to work on the house and I just don’t see it.  Maybe I’ll actually have energy tomorrow?  Bleck.  Who knows?

The to-do list should be long, but I’m ignoring it right now.  I need a break.  So I’m taking a break.

And on that note:  Happy Saturday.  I’m outta here.



One thought on “One of those days…

  1. Hi Shan,

    Perhaps we can skype sometime to exchange teaching ideas. The Boise/Tokyo time difference (I am 16 hours ahead) makes it difficult but it isn’t impossible. Or we can email. In the meantime, I can pass along some very simple advice: 1) make it as visual as possible (images transcend words and create excellent tools for association) 2) games (make the language less intimidating and more engaging) and 3)clear, slow, loud speaking (like you’re talking to mum- / i.e. the hearing impaired) and lots of gestures.

    If you fire me an email and elaborate on some of the goals the children need to reach, I’ll see if there are any things in my bag of tricks that you might find useful.

    In the meantime, hope Todd can shake the bug! All sorts of nastiness has been making its way around Waseda campus too. Sucks balls!


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