Why saying it feels good to breathe is sort of stupid…

So…  It IS ridiculous to say it, but oh boy… does it ever feel good to breathe.  I feel like I’ve gotten my lungs back after missing them for the better part of the last month or so.  The difference is like night and day.

It’s stupid to say it though, because DUH!  Of course it feels good to breathe.  Tsk.

On from that more positive note, I have bad news for me.  I gained 30 (YES THIRTY!) pounds over the course of the last year.  Several factors were a part of this – stress, bad nutrition, illness, stress, school, lack of physical exercise, stress, and worst yet, I haven’t been compliant with my meds for my hypothyroid. 

In honor of the resolves that I have given myself, I am going over to the rec center this morning so I can sign up for membership.  I am calling my doctor’s office to arrange a refill on my thyroid medication.  And I’m having a nice warm bowl of oatmeal (whole grains) for breakfast with a cup of unsweetened, but still yummy, lemon herb tea.

Added to the resolve list:  I resolve to be compliant with my medication and keep using the inhaler.

Since I’ve been on the inhaler my sleep has improved.  I actually had to use an alarm clock this morning.  I was dead to the world when it went off at 7am.  That NEVER happens. 

On another note, I’m busy but good busy – productive busy – not OMG in over my head busy.

My mood has also improved with my ability to breathe.  Weird, eh?  I wouldn’t have expected that one.  I’ll have to keep watching my overall change in “well-being” while I’m on the inhaler.  The doc gave me refills on it, so I’m free to see how it goes.  Might explain a few things.

That’s it.  I’m back to work and need to see where I stand on a few things.

Cheers from a happily breathing moonfire


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