What I don’t get… (a work post)

I just don’t get the logic of this.  The equivalent position to mine, at one of our off-campus locations, always sends her office supply orders to me.  Now, she’s got a pcard so it would be much simpler for her to just order the supplies herself and bill them to the right account.  I asked her about it and she said that her pcard is for the function she provides to the university, not our technical side.  Ok.  I buy that.  Then why the hell am I her approver on the pcard?

Either it’s only for the one function and someone else should be handling her approvals OR I’m her approver and it can be used for both, just split the billings… that way her supplies come directly to her, she orders them when she needs them with no lag time waiting for me, and I don’t have to go through this weirdness.

Yeah.  Sure.

THAT would be logical and god forbid that the tech college I work for do ANYTHING logical.  Good grief.  Since I started there in August I have been endlessly blown away by how ridiculous things are set up.  And forget trying to make suggestions.  No one listens.  Talk about calcification.  Stupid.

I’m just saying that this is yet another instance of which I am trying to understand the incredible leap of logic it took to set this up.

If I sit and think about this too long, my brain is likely to leak out of my head.

I sure don’t need that, do I?

Time for my next round of meds…


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