holy albuterol batman

Made me a bit hyper. I’m mellowing out now and can finally go to sleep.

Check a couple items off my resolve list. I got the dental appointments set up and I began the self-study for dressmaking to get my skills up to where they need to be. I’ve got an idea for something to help fitness folks and Todd is being really encouraging about the design. He even went so far as to get feedback from a pro mountain biker friend of his.

On this new venture into following one of my passions Todd has told me that he thinks I will surprise myself. If that isn’t one of the best husband things to say, I don’t know what is. He’s being amazing – a sounding board as I try to figure things out AND my listening station when I’m cooing about something silly.

I know I mostly blog my kids on here, but my honey (yes, that’s a play on our name) is the best. Crumpled socks, snoring, and a tendency to stay up too late aside, he’s my guy – for better AND for all the worse we’ve been through.

Now it’s time for ibuprofen and some sleep. I hope to be relatively functional tomorrow. Cross fingers for me.



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