Soup was good

The hot soup was good, but I want more. And my feet are cold again. Actually, all of me is cold.

I really want more soup.

Now here is something funny – looking at those online courses, the one I really wanted was the medical laboratory technician and sadly, it’s not something I can do via online… only face-to-face. Locally, I can only get it as a BA through ISU. That won’t work. Again, why do a BA when I could do my graduate degree.

Still want soup…

Anyway, I can see that there are any number of things I could do but without a job as the end product, it’s pretty much a waste of time and money. Better to hang on to the money and limp along.

Got word from a friend in another department with our state. Got the word on cuts there. Still haven’t heard at our university and I still feel that it’s not unlikely my position will be cut.

Well… that’s it for me. Not sure what I’ll do… I keep rattling around, looking at things and wondering. Bren is feeling better but I feel worse. Have I mentioned I want soup? Loaded with lots of pepper… mmm….

Tired too. Gah.


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