Took the hot bath… ran out of energy. Really wish Todd would wake up and make the hot soup part. Actually thought about taking masses of cold medicine and going into work. Then I realized that was insanity and the bliss of being warm talking. Still wanting hot soup. No way in hell am I going near the dishes… reason? I wash them and sneeze on them. There goes all the work AND I get the joy of spreading my germs to my unsuspecting (although likely already infected) family.

Head still hurts. Pain killers only doing minimal damage to the pain because they address the pain but not the CAUSE of the damned pain. Yes. I’m getting grumpy too.

I’m going to figure out a way to make the soup without tackling the dishes that seem to be breeding like rabbits on my kitchen counter.

My skin feels dry and cracked, even as my head is plugged with phlegm. What hell is this???

Side note to Clusterfook – I hope Barbara gets a rash that itches like hell and I hope she can’t scratch it. I’d have posted it to your comments but I have the patience of a gnat right now.

Signing off in winter cold misery,


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