goodbye to an old year

I can’t begin to describe (in clean terms, anyway) how glad I am to see 2008 go away.  I wanted to like it, but in the end I didn’t.

2009 is going to be my hopeful year.  I’ve decided.

I have been researching programs, both those offered at the technical college where I work and elsewhere.  Here’s the kicker – there are no jobs – at least none that I’m qualifed for and none that pay enough to leave my current location.  Todd’s found something to apply for.  It pays $9.00 an hour and won’t cover the deficit we have, but it”ll secure the fee waiver for us, so that’s something.  The scary thing is that it’ll still leave us short and we’ll have to decide what else to cut.  As I noted before, that means goodbye to the cell phones.  With the new job we can’t pull Bren out of childcare, so we’re stuck there.

I’ll keep looking for better paying jobs but you know that old phrase about snowballs and hell?  That’s my chances of finding something else.  I’ll keep tutoring… that’ll bring in about $150 a month.  If he got the mail services job, we’d have about an extra $275 a month from that, with none of the extra money he gets from working holidays at his current job.  So that’s $425 and we need $900.

In a long past life, I’d say that I’m not so good at math and that doesn’t add up, but I AM decent in math and that definitely doesn’t work.

Another option, one that we could give another shot is trying to sell the little car.  I just don’t believe it’s going to happen.

What I need to figure out is how to add to my income if Todd does take that job…  I’ve scoured the retraining certificates and there is nothing that will work.  I’ve even looked at doing the professional truck driving program.  Yeah.  That’s desperate – not because it isn’t good work to do, but because I have a family and need to be home with them.  Being gone on the road would be bad for my children.

Gah.  It’s giving me a headache.

So hello to the new year that is right around the corner, peeking at us.  Please, please, please bring us something positive.  I’m not asking for anything else…  I’ll stay overweight.  I’ll stay away from my sewing machines.  I’ll eat healthy foods and give up sugar.

Ok, so that last one would probably kill the overweight issue…

…Well.  I’ve got nothing.  No ideas.  Blech.  Do I wave the white flag?  I guess so, at least for tonight.  I give up.  Maybe something will come to me next week.  In the meantime, I need to drop my classes and get out of that path.

That’s it.  I’m gone.  Have a good evening.  Enjoy.  Be safe.  Happiest of New Year’s to all.



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