The year ends pretty much as it has been… blah…

I have nothing exciting to report.  The kids are off to gramma’s house for the day, Todd is sleeping, and I am at work.  I’ve already had someone come to my office and call me the wrong name – this even with my name plate outside of my office.  Hmm… what else?  Nothing much really.  Still no word on the job search for Todd and we’re now on the countdown to March when our cell contract expires…  they are the next item on the chopping block if we can’t find a way to increase our income.

My weight is still up and looking to remain there for quite a while. 

School is starting January 20th, a date that seems way too close even though it’s still December.

My horoscope told me to reign in my optimism and not have unrealistic expectations.  Talk about wildly off.  My pessimism is rolling on at an all time high.

Good thing there’s only 3 days left of 2008.  I’m ready to kick it to the curb.

Signing off – one grumpy moonfire.


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