Mysteries of the universe

Why why why is Paris Hilton in Cat in the Hat?

And has anyone noticed that the girl completely lacks rhythm?

And has anyone notice how weirdly “rhythm” is spelled?

Why do small children do the same action over and over, even though it causes discomfort and/or pain to them?

Why do husbands, male roommates, and sons always take their socks off in the living room, consequently crumpling them into small, stinky, formerly sweaty nuggets that eventually end up tucked under furniture?

(still stuck on the Paris Hilton question)

And why do all the foods that taste really good have to be so bad for a person?


It’s Saturday in our house and chaos reigns supreme.  The floor is covered with toys, the dog is sprawled out with the baby attempting to bond to him, and the oldest son is enjoying (yet again) another day in Nintendo DS land.


Yet somehow satisfying.  Very odd.

I’d like to clean but I think that a hot bath is more likely to win out.  A hot bath with some kind of fruity bubble bath would be even better but that’s simply asking too much.

Hmm.  Well that it for now.  I’m tired and I have to think about doing just a bit of laundry.



One thought on “Mysteries of the universe

  1. I thought the same thing about Jim Carrey being in CitH. Nothing will stop me from seeing a movie faster than Carrey being in it.

    Glad you had a good christmas.

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