Boxing Day

I’m originally from Canada.  We celebrated boxing day up there.  Now, we moved when I was a kid, so I have to be honest… I’ve never really understood the significance of boxing day until now.  When I was little I thought it was related to the sport and considering I’ve never been that into sports, I found the day uninspiring.  Now though, I’m looking at all the crazy food we have at the house and I’m thinking boxing some of it up and getting it out of here isn’t such a bad idea.

But I won’t.  I’ll freeze some, for future days that are likely to be very slim indeed.  The rest will be “repurposed” so I can avoid having to make much other food this weekend.  Isn’t repurposed a good word?  It’s descriptive, yet interesting and makes you stop to think for a moment.

I like it.

The kids had a great time for Christmas.  It’s hard to insulate them for that one day and let them just be free little kids, but I think we pulled it off.  On a weird, yet interesting note, our little family got a cool gift from Todd’s aunt – it’s a counting coin jar.  Put the money in and it tells you how much it is and gives you a running total of what is in the jar.  We got out a sharpie (me and Bren) and labeled it “The Mahoney Wii Jar!”  The idea is that we will keep packing in all the miscellaneous found coins and any other money we deem appropriate to dump in there.  We have a little over $35.00 in there right now, having cleaned out various piggy banks (with express permission from the owners) and my purse.  I’m doing laundry today, so that’s sure to net a buck or two.  Explaining to the 6-year old that we need to save up a minimum of $249 was hard, but he already put in the $50 his grandpa sent him for his birthday (on the condition that we get Legos Indiana Jones for the console when it happens)…

By my counting, we’ll probably have enough saved by next Christmas…  but Bren said something that I thought was very smart for a little guy – he told me that we’ll just have to appreciate it more because of how much work it’ll take to save up for it.

I thought about it, as I sat there shoving pennies into that jar (and that was SOME work let me tell you!)…  I realized that this is the best thing we can do.  It’ll show him, and us for that matter, just how hard it is to save and how long it can take.  I realized this was the best way to do it, no matter how impatient I happen to get.  Found change is a constant, even if it isn’t much.  It’s not accounted for in our budget and it’s something that we seem to stumble across constantly in any given week.  Now I’ll have a way to motivate him to roam around the house picking things up!

And I’ll start looking for rebates and things like that.  Those could be considered “found” money and go into the jar.

I should get up.  I put the baby down in the crib because he was getting grumpy and fussy, but it’s been about 15 minutes and he’s still up there playing.  I think I’ll pop up, get him and bring him down for a snack.  Maybe some warm milk and orange pieces will calm him down.

It was a lovely day yesterday, although my mum stayed home with a really bad cold.  Todd’s family was funny and welcoming as always.  There were only minor moments of weirdness, but you get those with any family gathering.

I wish Todd didn’t have to work this weekend.  I really miss having my husband around on evenings and weekends.  And I know I want to be a teacher, but right now the thought of school makes me feel very tired.  I think about our schedule this spring and cringe.  Even if we could afford to put Bren into extracurricular activities, we don’t have the time.  Isn’t that awful?

I need to think more positively.  I refuse to cycle into this same negative thinking that has been dragging me down…

On that note, I think I’ll write a family letter to send out with the pictures to my family in Canada.  It’s something, anyway.



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