finding the spirit

The countdown is over and now it’s a matter of making it until bedtime for the 6-year old.  We’re tracking Santa on NORAD and I’ve been told we’re already feeling tired even though it’s only 3:40 in the afternoon.

In lieu of Christmas music, Todd has the White Stripes on.  Works for me and the oldest too.  Baby boy is in bed as he is one tired little dude.  We’ll get him up at 5:30 and brave bedtime later on….

Mum is coming over with tourtierre and potato salad.  I have fresh veggies to cut up and club soda/fruit juice to make a “punch” of sorts.  Actually, the fruit juice is peach mango – not very seasonal but I figure it sounds yummy so that’s all that matters.

Honestly, though, we just got the tree up today and Bren & I decorated it this afternoon.

Better late than not at all, right?

Echoes last year.  Maybe next year we’ll go better.

If it was just me and Todd… well, there’d be no tree and we’d probably be asleep right now.  Kids change everything and this year is a good example of that.  Maybe that’s why they are such a blessing… they keep the complete apathy at bay.

I don’t want this to sound too negative though.  We get to hang out with our children and my mum tonight.  That’s better than good enough for me.  Tomorrow we’ll do the craziness that is Todd’s family Christmas.  It’s fun – chaotic – overwhelming insanity.  If I survive it without kids melting down, it’ll be a good day.

As for my boys?  Santa is coming which thrills Bren.  Aidan is happy with the singing “Jazzy Santa Claus” (which had to be put away for a bit – 40 times is plenty) and the ornaments on the tree.  Oh yeah.  He also found the candy cane that has been in the box for a year at minimum.  He thought it tasted fine and I let him revel in it, with all the gooey, slobbery stickiness that involved.

I’d write more but it’s time to just relax and enjoy some of the holiday peace.

Wishing all a warm Christmas Eve,


One thought on “finding the spirit

  1. So I must truly say that a Christmas Eve with my little grandsons, daughter and son-in-law was truly wonderful. The very short person was running around oblivious to the coming of Santa. The short person was bouncing between computer games and the NORAD Santa tracking site. He knew what was about to happen in the household after he went to sleep (perhaps he’ll have lost this magic next year). SIL and D enjoyed my small baking and cooking contribution to the feast. The joke was that D would come downstairs in the middle of the night to find SIL’s butt hanging out of the fridge while he gorged on leftover potato salad. I think SIL will come downstairs to eat potato salad and find his loving wife’s butt hanging out of the fridge while she sneaks tiny meat pies.

    It was indeed a perfect evening, better than those past Christmas Eves with the family and friends, because of its simplicity and the wonder of small children.

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