Ahhh, loving being home

I’ve got three little boys here (well – one small and two medium) with me.    We’ve got music going, the older boys are on the computer watching Legos vids on Youtube and the baby is attempting to work the kid walkie-talkies by himself.  I’ve got my feet up for a few minutes while I check my emails and I realized that things are ok.  I’m home with my kids… the house isn’t neat and tidy, but with three small children that’s not likely to happen anyway, so I’m not stressing about it.  The baby appears to be woofy, so I guess I have to cut this short, but I’m right where I want to be…

Tomorrow I take the Praxis.  I need to do a quick refresher for it.  Somehow, I need to fit that in today but first priority is keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble.  oy.

Waffles, syrup and fresh strawberries… The boys got hungry, so they had breakfast.  I have multiple requests for lunch so one is eating PB&J, while the other two are having chicken noodle soup.  Well… the little one MIGHT eat the chicken noodle soup… I’m not sure sure about that one.

Ok.  Here we go.  I have to get them into something new.

I’m hungry and resisting the urge to eat crap food.  It’d be easy to do…  I have snacks for the boys that are fine for active little boys, but they are NOT good for sedentary mommies…

Time to make sure no one is getting into trouble.




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