Best comment ever (courtesy of lolcelebs)

December 16th, 2008 at 3:59 pm

Your kind (”conservatives”) said the same thing about interracial marriage in the 60s. It is in fact you who are perverse – a perversion of basic human decency and love for your fellow person.

I take solace in the fact that there are more and more tolerant people, and fewer bigoted idiots in this country every year. Your ignorance is dying out as communications infrastructure erases the isolation of small-mindedness fostered by poverty and religion.

Also, it gives us LOLcats.

found at:

So I saw this George Takei posting when I logged into WordPress this morning and thought, ok, I’ll bite.  I clicked on the link and hit one of my favorite time-waster websites (see link above).  LOL-anything these days is a good thing because most of the news I read is pretty dismal and it’s rough when you can’t even find some mindless humor to enjoy (and to take you far, far away from your woes…), but today I found something more.

The picture the above comment was posted to is funny because it’s a great play on Princess Bride.  As with all things humorous, there are those who’d be offended by it.  That said, it is the comments that say more than the silliness of the picture – and the comment above struck me as one of the best ways to express the concept (succinctly) that I’ve seen.

If you’re interested, I suggest checking out some of the other comments that follow, as it’s interesting how the addition of the term “FAIL” into our lexicon, in a whole new way of useage, has allowed us to make a very large statement about things with limited word use.


The only thing that would have been better about the comment above is if the author could have taken out the “Your kind” and simply started the comment “Conservatives of the ’60’s.”  Rather than attacking the author directly, something sure to get no-where because authors like those targeted typically won’t take any sort of criticism anyway, the person who wrote the comment could have attacked the behavior behind the comment – which I still think he addressed in a fantastic way.


Who knew that you could find deep subjects in the world of time-wasting?


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