Saturday afternoon and he’s still going strong

Short-stuff is still going strong.  He needs a nap (or at least, I do), but he’s still moving like it’s early morning.  He slept in today and consequently I got to sleep until after 8am.  What a treat!  Even more of a treat as we went out last night and watched the Christmas drag show.  Nothing gets you in the festive holiday spirit like men in makeup and heels.

I had a “Swashbuckler’s Coffee” which involved my favorite spirits – Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum.  Hmmm.  So yummy and hot.

I expected a headache or agonizing fatigue this morning, but I’m doing fine.  Laundry is underway…. kids are bathed and fed… I’ve logged on to and played with a few friends.  It’s been a good day so far – a weird combo of recovering from being out until …. 11pm (yes, really, that is very late for me) and doing my normal Saturday thing.

The kids are being good (knock on plastic) and Todd is happy because he got a ride in.  Now THAT’S what I call insanity – leaving a perfectly warm and cozy house to go out in snow/rain mix on a mountain bike.  Crazy.

I’m still really freaked about everything going on with work, but I’m hitting the point where I’m becoming so stressed about all of it that I can’t care much.  I know I’m beginning to hit the “hiding out from it” stage.  This is the one where I’d rather play a silly internet game or read kids books than worry about the crap at work.

I’ve also been digging deeply into emotional eating.  Yay me.  Bren and I are going to bake cookies tonight.  He’ll enjoy it and I’ll like eating the results.  Sad, no?

Aidan is slowing down a bit.  Maybe I’ll get him down by 3pm.  I wish he’d cuddle with me.  I could really use some baby-cuddling time.  He was rubbing his head against the slipcover on our loveseat and his hair got static.  He looked like a cross between a cherub and a troll-doll.

This chair is really comfy.  If Todd weren’t at the store, I’d be tempted to lay my head back and drift off for a little bit.  Bren would be fine – he’s just playing with his legos and telling his little brother stories.  Aidan would be into mischief before I’d even closed my eyes.  As much as I want him to stay little for as long as possible, I AM looking forward to his being old enough to be safe in the house without my constant vigilance…

And it’ll come all too fast.

The chair has warmed up against my back and it’s making the situation even worse.  I wonder if I dare attempt naptime now.  Aidan’s semi-weaning off them (same as Bren did at this age) and I now have to force it a bit more…


He laid his head down on the couch and I knew my opportunity had come!  So he cried, but he still went down with very minimal fuss.  I’m glad because now I can curl up for a little bit and close my eyes.  Bren doesn’t like being downstairs in the living room by himself, so I’m going to stay here with him and have my nap. Ahhh… so nice….

Have a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Cozy moonfire…


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