What do I do now?

We got some bad news at work yesterday and it’s not about layoffs, but it has the potential to be almost as bad.  To understand why it’s bad, you have to understand the background.

The technical college at our university is in the transition phase to become a new community college for the valley.  Employees were given the option to get priority placement with the university, rather than choose to go with the college to the new CC.  Employees have been transitioning out at a big rate, so that now the majority of the positions in the college are filled with employees who are new.  Those of us who chose to do the transition to the new CC did so based on the information that was given to us.

Yesterday, the information we were given originally, was changed…  our existing university (pre-change) had originally said that they would honor the reciprocation for the fee waiver.  I have made choices to not apply for a permanent position with my existing university because we’d be able to maintain the waiver that is essential for my husband and I to go to school.  Now it appears they are not going to honor this agreement.

As my counterpart at another location said to me yesterday, I chose to stay with them – at a wage that is not great – due to the fee waiver.  Losing that is going to hurt my family and I have two choices because of it:

1. Start seeking a position with my existing university, difficult due to the budget cuts and the job market

2. Start seeking a better paying position with ANYONE since our school costs are going from about $2000 per semester to about $12000.  We get financial aid, but it isn’t enough to keep us going.

I’ve got time if I start looking now.  I expect it will take me approximately 6-9 months to find something.

It’s just one more hit in a series of bad news that started in 2007 and keeps on coming.

I really don’t know what we’re going to do.  I’ve sent over the request to reactivate my name on the register for positions at my existing level.  I hope it’s going to be enough.

The scary thing is there just aren’t many jobs right now and for each one that opens, there are tons of applications.

Time to get ready for work and try to keep my head together.



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