so it’s official

The word came out officially today that the new CC won’t be getting the fee waiver. 

With the cutbacks and the continuous job loss going on, I may be effectively trapped in the situation.  It’s distressing and it makes me want to simultaneously cry and scream.

I really don’t know what to do at this point.  I’ve got a window to work in, then things are going to get sticky.  The most difficult thing about this is that that tight window is only going to get smaller as time passes.  I may ultimately end up with no options and that pisses me off.

But I’m just one of many going through this.

Todd and I are going out with friends for a little bit this evening.  We’ll get drag queens and salad.

Not at the same time.  Although, that could be interesting.

Nothing says the holidays like drag queens singing (or lip synching) holiday-appropriate tunes.  Hey.  At least I’ll be smiling.

Men in make-up do that to me.

So happy holidays everyone.  I’m going to go eat a cookie and yes, this is called emotional eating.



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