Life imitates art…

So I dedicate this one to Bad Mommy Moments (name I love, by the way)…  Her threat to sing “Gramma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” reminded me of a story that always warms my heart.  Confused?  Let me clarify…

My dear husband worked for a prison for a long, long, long time.  He managed, by skill and sometimes by luck, to work his way up from Food Service Officer to FS Supervisor and finally to FS Manager before he had to call it quits, leave the job and go back to school.  During his many years with the DOC, he encountered numerous situations that had a certain “prison-esque” sense of humor.   Please note that in order to feed closed-custody inmates, they had to stack the trays of food onto a large, heavy food cart.

One lovely day (which, given this was a prison, tells you that I am being truly fascetious), an inmate came running into my husband’s office where he was sitting with his then-manager and another staff member.   The inmate was in quite a state, hurriedly announcing….


(here it comes)

“Grammer got run over by a food cart!”

Those in the office burst out laughing and had to explain to the confused inmate the reason for the laughter (otherwise this might constitute cruel and unusual treatment).  I understand that inmate Grammer was fine.

The story lives on in infamy in our household.


I just ate a wonderful lemon bar – ultra-tart and lemony on top, combined with buttery shortbread crust on the bottom.


This is as close I’m likely to get to feeling perky today, so I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

Work is done in about 50 minutes.

That’s about 49.95 minutes to late for my attention span.



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