I lost my little picture that I was using as my icon.  I like that picture and for some reason, with the WordPress upgrade, I lost it.

And I can’t find my way around easily like I did before, so I’m getting cranky.

Not fun.

I’d love to write more, but it’s late and I need to get us all settled down for the night.  The baby just made me read Skippyjon Jones: In the Doghouse and now I have to purr-suade him to go to bed.

ha.  I kill myself!

He likes me to read it so he can do the “clap, clap” parts.  The first time he did it (completely unprovoked by me, I might add), I almost fell over.  Now it’s just fun to egg him on.

Actually, if I were going to be honest… I really don’t want us to go to bed yet.  Once we do, that’ll be the end of today and then tomorrow will come all the faster.  I’ve got little fingers clinging to my t-shirt and Bren has his Nintendo going…  The dog is sacked out on the end of the bed (which I know Todd hates, but he’s at work so he can’t argue about it).  This is one of my favorite times of the day – when we are together, with no crying and fussing.  It’s a rarity.

Well, it’s done.  Baby boy is in bed.  Dog is still on the end of my bed and the Big Little Kid is sitting here, trying to stay awake.  He needs to go to sleep or I’ll pay all day tomorrow…. sigh.

Todd and I have talked before about how we can’t really remember very well what it was like before the children.  It hasn’t been all that long, but somehow they manage to fill up all the spaces in your memories, until what was before is just a hazy, faded time.  Even harder to remember clearly is the time before Todd and I were together.  This coming summer (July 3rd) it will be 12 years.  Sometimes that amazes me, but mostly I simply can’t imagine it any other way.  We were out with the kids today and almost simultaneously, we got irritated and tired with the crowds.

That’s the way you are when you’re in sync with someone.

That’s the way we are.

Anyway, I have more I’d like to say but it just got quiet in the crib, meaning I’d better get my butt to sleep so I can deal with him when he wakes up at some horrid early hour.  Bren and the dog are staying in here with me tonight.  Given that the dog is smelly and Bren’s breathe could peel paint off walls in the mornings, it’s going to be interesting when Todd gets home in the early hours of Sunday.

I’m sticking by my wish for Santa, but I’ll add another one:  please let Todd get a shot at a day job, that pays more than his current one….  I’d really like to have…..

Ok.  This is TMI.  But hey – I’m an old married lady (ok, not really old… just a teensy bit old… how about “older”?) – TMI is what you get at a certain age….

Anyway, I’d really like to have a sex life again.  It’d be nice.  It’d be better than nice.  We’d both appreciate it.  Trust me.

So please, Santa, could you do something about the job situation?  And while you’re at it, if we could make it so I only had to do the tutoring job, that’d be a bonus… I might be able to finish this graduate degree faster.

One more thing before I sign off.  I was going to watch SNL tonight.  I like John Malkovich in a big way.  But I simply cannot stay up late.  As it is, it’s 10:15 now and I’ll pay for being up this late.

I bummed.

No John Malkovich.  I just hope they give him good writing!

Oh – also – saw the movie “Wanted” this morning.  If you work as an office peon, see it.  Revived my spirits.   And it reinforces that moms can be hot.  Not this one… but some out there.

Cheers on the end of a cold Saturday night.  May your dreams be mellow.


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