quick one on Wednesday, even though it feels like a Monday

After being off work so long, I feel really disoriented and strange.  I’m cranking through the article editing, although it’s anyone’s guess if this is worth the effort I’m putting in.  I certainly hope so.  It’s a situation that was made worse by my being out sick, so let’s call this my penance.

I’m tired and starting to plug up again.  I still feel worlds better than I did over the last week.  I’ve decided that Saturday and Monday were my two lowest points.  The fact that I’m upright, dressed, and working says a lot about the fact that the antibiotics were the right choice.  I still think I’m battling a virus but the infection that was caused by bacteria appears to be losing.  I can live with the cold and the snotty head for now. 

I’m worried about my evaluation in the spring now.  I’ve missed a lot of time and I worry about how that’s going to impact me.  I guess all I can do at this point is take my pills and keep using the Veramyst.  Oh yeah – and drink a lot of water and eat my fruits and veggies.

Ok.  I’m getting tired and my attention span is wandering… I need to get back to editing down the articles (from 900-1000 words to 300 words, ouch).  Then I’m going to sit for a moment and reflect on the fact that I’m managing to accomplish all of this out of sheer Taurean stubborness. 

Glad it’s good for something.

**Dear Santa – if you could see your way to giving me a new, healthier body – I’d sure appreciate it.



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