a small change

I know I need to customize my blog… need to add some pictures… need, need, need.  But I don’t have the energy and I’m preparing to go back to bed.  So I went ahead and chose one of the generic themes.  Lazy, huh?

I want something hot and soothing to drink.  Bah.  That would require energy.

I have none.  I’m going to sleep today.  MD is at gramma’s – Big Little Kid is at school…  and my honey has class today.

Ok.  I’m not thrilled with the new look of my blog.  I’ll do something about it, just not today.  And no rants about money or the economy.  I don’t need to wallow in futility.  I DID get the email last week from the coordinator for the tutoring company and she’ll get the information to me on my students.  If I revive this afternoon, I’m going to review their training materials and start thinking about how I’ll manage my time.

Back to bed.  Sleep is the best cure for me at this point.  Crud.  I have to take my morning pill.  OH YEAH!  You would NOT believe the size of these antibiotic pills!  Keep in mind that my throat is sore and swollen.  Swallowing is a difficulty.  Ugh.  So here goes.  I’m going to put myself to bed and then try to be human later today.



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