any time now…

Couple thoughts…  I’m home sick today.  I must be winding down on the tail end of this crap, because I have my voice back (yay!), but I have the worst headache ever and the cough is now really productive (ie, miserable).  I desperately want to go back to bed since I feel weak, puny, and generally dead as a door nail.  Unfortunately, Aidan is fully up and going – something that I can’t fight.  Todd’s in bed, after his long night at work.  I wish I could be in bed too but an almost 19-month old can do a massive amount of damage if not kept under vigilant surveillance.  So here I sit, miserable.

And yes, I could have sent him off to gramma’s house this morning, but it doesn’t seem right to send him off when he’s snuffly and miserable (at night, anyway).

So I was thinking about a few things this morning, in between serious honks coming from my nose.  The consistent comments regarding generating economic recovery for the country keeps focusing on creating new jobs.  Now, I agree with that completely.  We need to have everyone employed.  It’s important.

Here’s my concern:  What about those of us who are already working?  Yes, things will trickle throughout the economy, but that is certainly not something that will be timely enough to help those of us already working and struggling.  Slumping prices have helped somewhat – lower gas at the pump has made a small difference, however, food prices are still high.  Medical costs are still high.  Wages are stagnant and what you are earning today is worth less than it was a couple years ago.  Given that our wages at the state have been raised by 3% or less, in the last 2 years, this means we are not keeping up with how much it costs to live.

I’d really like to hear how this issue is going to be addressed.  How are they planning to help those who ARE working and not surviving?  This isn’t about being able to make a mortgage payment or pay big medical bills.  This is about just being able to feed your family each month, pay your monthly bills, and pay your rent (or mortgage).  I know a woman who lives in an apartment with no air conditioning.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal does it?  Last summer she and her daughter had to wet sheets and sleep from 3 or 4 am each night until later in the morning in order to be able to GO to sleep.  Luckily her office was willing to let her work adjusted hours in order to do it, but that’s not necessarily always an option.  She wants to move but landlords look at her income and won’t rent to her because they are firm that rent must only be 1/3 of her net income.  Given that she makes about $12 per hour, she will have a difficult, if not impossible time finding a place that she can afford.

She’d like to buy a small home but again, housing prices are so high she can’t do it.  Even with the slumping prices in our city and area, she still can’t afford it.  At her salary, she simply cannot qualify.

It’d be easy to say, well, get a higher paying job.  It was hard enough before the last 6 months but now it’s absolutely impossible.  And her daughter has severe health issues, so she needs the flexibility that her current office gives her so she can tend to her daughter (as well as an ailing mother).  She is effectively trapped.

I know another woman, another single mom, who has been told that she will be laid off effective December 31st.  She’ll get unemployment, which, with her child support, will allow her to keep going for a couple of months but the job situation is not good here.  I worry that she won’t be able to find something else before her time runs out.

I could go on.  And it’s not just the single-parent families having a hard time.  Single folks… married couples without children…  families like us, with two parents working.

Yes.  Create new jobs.  Work on the tax credits…  but keep in mind – those solutions will not put more money into the budgets of struggling families.  I don’t know of a solution that can help.  I wish I did.  I’ll just keep trying to find something for my husband and hope that he gets something before things get worse.

Time for pills.  I’m tired.  My head hurts.  I’m really grumpy and ready to get back to healthy.  I’ve got work to do and I need to be at my office.  This is ridiculous.  Oh yeah.  I’d better find some yogurt too, or I’m going to be a sad, sad woman…. sigh…

Cheers from phlegm-girl.


One thought on “any time now…

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re still sick. I guess “the cure” didn’t work as well for you as it does for me. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. LOVE reading your blog 🙂

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