and it looks like one more idea shot down

It doesn’t look like my honey got on that hiring register.  So that worry is going to continue on…  I had high hopes for the help it would bring.  And our governor’s office just announced another 3% holdback on top of the holdback already instituted for 1 1/2%

Why is this bad?  Well.  For one thing it guarantees that the employees will not see any kind of raise this year.  Our monthly expenses have gone up, but our money is shrinking.  The state can’t give raises if the revenues aren’t there, so I understand that.  But it gets worse – it means that many, if not all, the open positions with the state will not be filled.  Hiring will be frozen.

I’m trying very hard to maintain my spirits, but it’s hard when I’m sick and the news hitting our family is continuously crummy.  It’s getting harder and harder to think of ways to make things work.  We get financial aid in January and it will just cover the car repair bill from this fall, the money to repay mum for paying Bren’s childcare bills for November, December, and January, and the cost of our spring classes (including books, fees, etc).

That’s it for now.  I just can’t think.  Too many things to consider.


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