Cleaning and wondering what to do with all the paper!

This is my biggest discovery about having a small child in school…. What is it with all the paper???  I can’t begin to guess how many trees JUST my son’s kindergarten is going through, but it has to be huge.  And how on earth can I begin to recyle it… there is glue, marker, sprinkles of various things, and paint.  Some I am keeping, but the sheer volume is overwhelming.

I know the kids need to practice, but I really wish there was another way to do this.  I understand the little individual chalkboards now… but the thought of chalk makes me cringe.  It’s one of those things that I can’t stand to have on my skin…  weird, eh?

I’ve been a cleaning fiend this morning.  I took two days off work (outside of the two for the holiday that we get through the university) and I’m working on organizing our house.  I’ve got the bookcase pulled out of the box and I’m preparing to put it up on one wall in the living room.  I could put the bookcases up in the master bedroom, but we want it to be a retreat… not a library!

I’ve been looking at the safety strap instructions.  This is a freakish feeling.  I want to do it, at the same time I don’t want to screw up the wall…  I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out what I could put in front of the bookcase to prevent midget-drawers from pulling it over on himself.  On the other hand, he hasn’t made out like that’s a big goal in his life.  He’s more interested in doing the kamikaze jump off the stairs or furniture.

Crap.  I’ll probably end up putting the strap on just to be sure.  I can’t imagine how I’d feel if he did manage to pull it over.

So beyond the immense volume of paper generated by the school, there is also the ton that comes in via the mail and university.  It’s insane.  I’m trying to figure out what is reasonable to keep and what just needs to go.  argh!!!!!

A final note, before I head back to furniture construction – I’ve found a new treat on the radio.  It’s a local radio station called “The Bob.”  I’ve probably mentioned this before… I have “mommy memory” which means I’m quite capable of telling the same stories over and over.  Anyway, I’ve had it on this morning and it has really kept me going.  I’m getting almost every era of music from the 70’s through now… and it’s almost all good.  It’s amazing how much better my energy is with the music playing.  Even as I sit here, I’m tapping my foot to My Sharona.  This is some fun stuff and I’m actually being productive.  Maybe that’s the key to my great energy sap??  Just crank the tunes…

It’s a theory.

Ok.  I take that back, here’s my final thought:  I get SO MUCH MORE DONE when the kids are gone and Todd is sleeping.  The kids being gone is an obvious one… no rushing about trying to take care of them AND do stuff, while the little one usually works in complete antithesis to whatever it is that I’m doing.  But Todd?  Why does him being asleep and out of the way help so much?  Wouldn’t it be easier if he were working too?  One would certainly think so and maybe we’d be getting way more done if he were awake, but it feels like I’m more productive.

It’s a theory.

Ok.  Aerosmith is on now.  It’s decent.  I like them, but this one isn’t doing it for me.  Too whiny.  And I’m just not in a slow song mood.  If Todd were up, I think I’d make him slow dance with me.  How long has it been?  Hmm.  Too long.

This song is draining me…. ugh… noooooo!

I’m going back to the bookcase.  The satisfaction of emptying out boxes will be unreal.  I think I might even do a little dance.  (a good idea, except I didn’t put on a bra today….  maybe I’ll restrict myself to maniac giggling…)

Cheers from the land of cleaners, rubber gloves, empty (or soon to be empty) boxes, and an AWESOME radio station (dude).



2 thoughts on “Cleaning and wondering what to do with all the paper!

  1. I’m jealous. 1) you got the cleaning bug and 2) you can act on it in a child-less house.

    Maybe if I crank up the tunes and just ignore my kids it will have a similar effect?

  2. Oh I know I was lucky!! There was a point, when I put something on the new shelf and there was no small child there, pulling it off again, when I thought I would faint. Then I realized that the best gift I’ve gotten recently was being able to CLEAN MY HOUSE and I thought crap… the planet is going to stop spinning.

    I have to say that cranking the tunes and ignoring the kids hasn’t worked for me yet – the radio won’t turn up loud enough to drown out their increased volume. My mum tells me that mopping yourself into a corner, far away from the children, works… but so far they just follow me…

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