stupid cold

I’m awake tooo early this morning.  Midget-drawers had me up at 4:30am…  and then my cough finished me off.

He is so paying when he’s 15 and all he wants to do is sleep.

I’m sitting up for a bit so I can give my body a break, then I’ll head back to bed in an attempt to get more sleep.  Bren has a birthday party today.  Todd may have to take him.  It’d be rude to show up coughing and sniffling… ugh.

I need to sit down this weekend and write up my financial aid appeal.  I’m not holding my breath that it will go through, but you never know.  I’ve been wondering if I’m crazy to do three classes in the spring, but I mapped everything out on a spreadsheet last night and I can hit the 2011-2012 goal for doing my professional year if I bust my tail so guess what….  I’m going to be a very, very busy woman for FIVE semesters (not including summer 2009 when I take 6 credits….).  It wouldn’t be so bad if things were offered in the summers too – I could lighten my load for a couple of the big semesters (one semester I have 10 credits and another one I have 11).  Oh well.

For my professional year, I’ll be doing my student teaching AND my thesis credits.  I WILL graduate spring 2012.  If I need to, I will extend out as far as fall 2012, but that’s only for my thesis.  Actually, I prefer winter graduation.  It’s gorgeous.  And it’s not so long.

I just heard Midget-drawers cry.  I don’t know if he’s settled back to sleep or if I’m going to need to rush upstairs to rescue him…  this means this could be interrupted rather quickly.

Oh boy.  It just hit me.  I’ve got a final paper to do for my one LIS class that I will finish.  I’ve got to get a Praxis prep book and I need to get the house cleaned up.  Plus we’ve got this birthday party today and grocery shopping that must be done.

We moved in here at the beginning of October.  We are STILL living out of boxes.  This is a sad, sad thought.

One final note and then I think I’m going to snooze….  Todd got his score for that full-time position.  I don’t know if it’s going to be good enough for him to get an interview.  It’s really depressing…  I suppose we won’t know until the register is closed and all the applicants’ scores are finalized, but I was SO hoping that it’d be high enough that we’d know for sure that Todd would get an interview.


MD is up and now he’s eating banana bread that dad made last night.  It’s good… moist and dense.  Mmmm… I wish we could go back to sleep, but who am I kidding?  This is what I get for going to bed at 10pm.  I know better.  If I stay up until 10, I’m almost guaranteed that MD will be up ultra-early.  I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I guess we’re a wash.

Plus this banana bread is really yummy.

Ok.  Now Little Big Kid is up.  And my nose is running like hell.  I guess this is nature’s way of saying “give up blogging now… you’re done.”

Cheers on a happy Saturday morning,


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