This is worth reading

I won’t add to the doom and gloom.  We all can see with our own eyes how things are going.  Here’s the thing:  You have to know what is going on.  It impacts all of us in this country.  Those on the edge of financial vulnerability are already feeling it.  I read the articles that tell you what to do to protect yourself during times like these and I’m always struck by the feeling that the information does nothing to really help those of us right on the edge. 

Better, instead, to start reading the Tightwad Gazette and come up with creative ways to take care of your family on an ever-diminishing budget.  Luckily, at least for now, gas prices have come down.  Food prices are still up though and while I can find alternatives to driving the van, feeding the family doesn’t have good alternative solutions.

I’m currently pushing my husband to apply for a job that I know he’d prefer not to get because it’s full time.  Well, I will continue to gently *persuade* him about it.  Maybe he won’t even get an interview… Maybe he won’t even have a shot… I’m not taking any chances just in case he does.  The economic environment is such that we need to hedge our bets where we can…

We don’t have extras in our family.  We are much better than we have ever been about exercising caution on our budget.  I’d like one really good article about how to take one of these ultra-tight budgets and survive all the crap that seems to be coming out right now… financially speaking of course.

Well.  It’s time to shut down and I have comments to accept.  I am feeling good about things and I’m busy at work – which makes life so MUCH better.

Weird, eh?


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