Interview done, kids in bed, where’s my drink?

I should qualify this:  I don’t drink, except very rarely these days.  It’s too expensive and too many calories that could be used for something yummy.

That said, I really could use a drink right now.

Interview went well enough, I suppose.  I was a bit too enthusiastic, but it’s really a great opportunity:  working with refugee children and getting paid so I can keep food in the house for the kids.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll feed the kids before I’ll put gas in the van… I’ll walk to work…  I’ll sell my sewing machine.  I’d sell the damn plasma.  The kids are going to be fine.  My stress level might shoot through the roof, but that’s it.

So now I’m waiting on the reference check and the background check.  Should be 2-3 weeks, with it hopefully being on the shorter, rather than longer end of things.

Baby boy is crying, so I’m going to go check on him in a minute.  He is massively over-tired – they both are in fact.  This means that bedtime turned into a trauma-fest.  Ugh.

Time to go.  Will post more tomorrow.  moonfire.


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