ok, ideas anyone?

Jumping off from that earlier post this morning, here’s the deal:  I need to find something – some kind of certificate or short term training that I can do in order to get into job eligibility.  I need to be earning more than $15/hour.  I need relatively low cost, in other words it can’t cost many thousands to do it.  At this point I don’t care about flexibility or anything like that.  It needs to be stable and secure.  It doesn’t have to be glamorous and it doesn’t have to be office based.  My only caveat is that I can’t do sales or collections.  I suck at sales because I hate having to ask people to buy something unless I’m 100% sure they need it and these days, there’s nothing other food and shelter (and work) that we 100% need.  I can’t do collections because I’ve been on the other side of it too many times.  Crap happens.  People can’t pay their bills.  And I’m sure as hell not going to call them at work.

No.  I’m not giving up on graduate school.  But that won’t pay off for 2-3 years and my family needs help now.  Secretaries/admins make crappy money in our area.  Customer service reps also make crappy money.  Guess what I’m fully qualified to do?  Yep – admin support and customer service.  Hence the need for additional training. 

I’m considering this a tool… something that will help us through this time and will get me back to grad school once I don’t have to worry about feeding my kids.

So what is a good, relatively quick certification program that won’t kill us to pay for?  Ideas?  I work for a vo-tech college, so I’m checking out our programs too.  If I could luck out and find something that we offer and I could get the fee waiver for it, I’d be all for that.  But I’m not holding my breath.  Life is never that easy.

And I’m serious about this.  I just need some ideas.  Thanks for any thoughts you can give me.


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