Good talk last night…

Todd and I talked about the situation last night.  Neither one of us has any answers.  We talked about the barriers we’re facing and the impending situation with spring semester classes and his work schedule.  We talked about my being in school and how that impacts things too.

I can map all of this out and see the weak spots.  We’re both tired and stressed, so this isn’t the best time to be problem-solving…  but now we’re going to have to get creative.  The reality that came out of our talk last night is this:  I can’t support a family of four on my salary.  Todd’s degree is going to take another four years after the spring semester.  Because of class schedules, he’s restricted to what he can do for employment.  He’ll have a programming language under his belt after spring semester, but that still leaves intervening time to survive.

Here’s a further problem…  We are dependent on my working at the university for the fee waiver.  That helps with school, but it doesn’t put money into our monthly budget and the university pays crap.  Even worse, the competition for jobs here is unreal.  As I noted in a previous post, there are huge numbers applying for every position that comes open.

I need to break open our thinking on how we’ll deal with this.  I can keep saying it, but it’s time to get creative.

Well… on that note, it’s time to get ready for work and get moving.  I need to get oldest son out of bed and dressed.  If he’s feeling anything like I am, he won’t want to do it.




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