ready to keel over, I’m SO tired

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night – watched the speeches:  John M. was gracious and my heart broke for him and the end of his dream… it was apparent in his eyes, and the fact that he was so well spoken in his concession speech took me back to the old John that I preferred back in 2000.  Then I watched Barack Obama’s speech and felt like I was watching the start of something historic – and what a huge thing that is to live up to.  I feel for the man, even as I’m so, so glad that he is going to lead us next.  Can he possibly live up to the hopes and expectations that the people of this country and the world are heaping on him?

We sure need him to be as great as his promises.  What I took most note of was his mentioning service and supporting each other.  This is the key for all of us going forward – it isn’t a case of “Oh yay! We voted in the guy who will fix all our woes…”  Rather, it’s a case of “Roll up your shirtsleeves and get ready, folks, because this is going to be some hard work.” 

I think we’re the kind of country that can do that when it’s needed.  Maybe we got comfy and just a bit relaxed about things…  maybe we forgot that there is no free lunch…  I know we can all share in the blame or we can point fingers and blame the “other guy.”  But instead, how about this…  No more wasted energy on blame or whining.  Give our leadership a chance, for good or ill, to come up with some plans of attack and then let’s do what we need to do.

Obama doesn’t have a magic wand.  He isn’t some mythic figure.  He’s a smart guy who wants to find a way for us to get out of the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into.  He won’t be perfect and he doesn’t have an answer that every single one of us will like.  The best he can do at this point is gather us together and put us to work, give us the tools to do the job. 

The rest is really up to us.

I’m excited to see how he does.  I hope he and his family are kept safe.  I look forward to my oldest relating to the young children in the White House.  I wonder what kinds of changes he’ll see over the next four years. 

I wish many blessings to Mr. Obama and his family.  I wish many blessings to the people of our country. 



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