I am mom, hear me sew…

Bren is now the proud owner of one exceedingly awesome shiny green alien costume.  My serger cranked tonight!  I thought I’d be up super late working on it (Todd thought so too)…  Nope.

I was done before 9:30.

No pattern.  No instructions.  Yeah baby!

And Bren’s little buddy, Alyssa, elbowed him in the mouth today and knocked out his loose tooth.  I know I wasn’t supposed to laugh when I heard, but she’s this little teeny thing!  So the tooth fairy will be cruisng by our house tonight.

Aidan will be the small cuddly (fleece) vampire bat and Bren will be the funky green alien.

I’m going to sleep like coma-girl tonight.

Still fretting about something…


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