a little night music…

Todd has a load of clothes in the dryer and Aidan is fussing in the background.  I can hear a couple cars on our street, but other than that, it’s quiet here right now.  I’m drooping and exhausted.  I have a lot of reading to do tomorrow and, in the grandest of ironies, I’m going to accomplish it at work.  I’ve also got research to do and a costume to sew tomorrow evening.  I’m “tracing” Bren onto some great shiny, green, scaly fabric… He’s going to be an alien.

Yes.  He was going to be Optimus Prime, but this was more a communication failing than anything.  So here it will be the day before Halloween and I’ll be “transforming” him into a shiny green alien.

When we were shopping for fabric for his costume, I found something fleecy and bright green… He told me, “Mom, I don’t want to be a FUZZY alien!”  Oh crap…. no, ’cause that’d be warm and cuddly…

Todd is getting giddy about the Blackberry Storm and I’m trying to think of interesting ways to reduce my weight without making myself feel nuts.  Unlikely that either of us will be satisfied anytime soon!

Bren and I went to the library this evening.  He got to pick out a book and it’s hilarious – “Vacationers from Outer Space,” by Edward Valfre.  I highly recommend it.  Funny stuff and interesting pictures.  Brennan read it to me in the van on the way to the fabric store.  I’m amazed at how well he’s able to navigate those words.  Valfre didn’t write it with uninteresting words…  I like it in a big way – something tasty and fun for mummy, something spacey and exciting for the little boy!

I submitted yet another resume today – for an entry-level editor job.  I’m really hopeful that I’ll get called, but I suspect that we English majors are plentiful around here.  My pessimistic side is taking over about the wonderful job I interviewed for on Monday too.  I know it’s a long shot.  I have to be somewhat realistic.  I expect that I’ll be blogging this same type of topic in a year from now, bemoaning the fact that I can’t even get an interview.

And that’s a big sigh from me…

time for bed – moonfire.


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