Now I’m just mad!

McCain and Palin are absolutely ridiculous!  They are STILL harping on Ayers.  Has no one told them yet that Obama has been upfront and spoken over and over again about the lack of relationship other than the one board they both served on.  I have to wonder how desperate they have to be to continuously go on and on about this crap.

I can honestly say that it doesn’t cast a bad light on Obama, it casts the light of ridicule on McCain/Palin.  Now in Palin’s case, she’s already a ridiculous figure in my view.  I am blown away by the hypocrisy she continuously exhibits.

So I’m absolutely sick of this endless election.  I’m ready to vote.  I’m ready for the election ads to go away.  I’m ready for the government and the country to focus on the important issues facing us.

I’m on a countdown.  I’ve had it.

Obama/Biden.  That’s it for me.


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