here we go, heading off for another educational weekend

I’ve got my school materials together, but not the rest of my stuff.  I’ll do that tonight, along with all the laundry that I’ve been putting off.

I’m really pooped.  The baby decided he was NOT happy at 4:20 this morning.  I’m paying for it now and seriously just want a nap.  It’s not to be, though.  I have things to do so I can be ready for the big adventure tomorrow morning and I know I want to spend some serious cuddle-time with the boys.  This is the worst part about traveling for school.  I can handle the reading, the pressure to finish assignments, the wandering around in a semi-strange city, and the hotel bed (which is actually comfy).  I don’t like being away from my family, even though it’s necessary.

I need to look at the weather forecast this weekend and get myself packed appropriately.  I can feel the enthusiasm lying quietly under the fatigue of the day.  I like the adventure portion of this traveling (but not the flying… ugh… when did I become afraid of flying???).  I like the camping out in a hotel room where I don’t have to think about cleaning house or picking up dirty socks.

I just wish I had some energy right now.  Todd’s picking me up in an hour and all I can drum up is cold feet, stuffy nose, and a strong desire to snooze under warm, comfy blankets.

I have good stuff to read for tomorrow – with lots of uninterrupted time to do it in.  I have a bit of shopping to do this weekend, all courtesy of Macy’s and the interview on Monday morning.  I have class to sit through and hopefully some good conversations to participate in.

Other than that?  Well, I’m tired and I’m cold.  I’ve got nothing else at this point.  I think my brain is already putting on jammies and getting ready for bed.  Sigh… I hope I’m not sick for the weekend.  That would be the height of cruddy.

Is that even possible?  Yep.  In my world I believe it is.

ok.  I’m getting things closed down for the week.  Be back later – maybe with a posting from PDX.



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