quick mid-move blog

Todd’s heading off to work.  I’m already in bed and it’s only 6:30 on a Saturday night.  We got a lot done today and my feet are thrashed.  I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning, drive mum to the airport, walk the dog, put together our bed at the new house…  so Todd can go to sleep when he gets off work tomorrow morning.

We’ve got the living and dining rooms put together at the new house.  Except for the boxes, it already seems homey.  The stairs at the new place are going to whip my ass into shape.  And I seriously mean my ass.  There are really high ceilings on the first floor, so the stairs are really long to the second floor.  Maybe it’ll motivate the kids to keep their toys in their room and play up there.  But these are little kids we’re talking about, so I doubt it…

Danny is traumatized about the whole thing, so tomorrow night I’ll take him over to the new house and see if I can’t comfort him a bit. 

Oh yeah… our little bit of furniture fit into the new place perfectly.  Any more would have been too much and any less would have been awkward.  You can tell that we’re students.  Two computer stations downstairs and one in the master bedroom (plus the one for the music studio, too….) – but that’s the realities and it will be this way until we move to a bigger place some day when the degrees are done.  That’s so far away, at this point, that it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

The kitchen is great and our fridge went in perfectly.  We were going to sell it to help out financially, but the existing fridge in the house was WAY too small for a family of four.  So the landlord’s fridge is in the garage and will act as back-up (unless the power bill is too much, then it’ll be turned off and propped open).

Bed feels really good right now.  I’m going to shut this down and get the sleep I need so I can be really efficient tomorrow.  The more I can do while Todd is sleeping and the kids are away, the less stress I’ll have Sunday night and Monday day.

My closing thought is this:  Life is weird…  You just never know what’s going to happen.  You can fight it and wear yourself out, or you can go with the flow and have interesting experiences.  Plans are nice but the truth of it is that you can’t know everything.  All you can do is sketch a plan, give it a shot, and adjust when new information comes to you.

Cheers from one exhausted moonfire.


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