Christmas Day

For two reasons it’s feeling a bit twinkly and “Christmas-y” today.  We just had the last night in our little house.  We came here when we needed a refuge, a place to escape to.  It served that purpose well and, given a different world, it could have been ours permanently.  Instead we’re doing what I swore we’d never do again, we’re moving.  Even worse, I guess you could say, we KNOW that this move is taking us to a place that won’t be permanent.  It’s relatively short term – 2 years… but it’ll be efficient, good space, and good location.  I hate moving, but I have accepted that we need this.  In two years we’ll likely be moving to the West coast, unless a miracle with the job market happens.  I don’t rule out the possibilities that things will happen here with my library degree, but we’re open and we’re going to prepare our hearts for it.

The other reason I feel a lightening?  I listened to Steph…  I began walking on that path to peace, even though my ego wanted to hang in there, being pissed off and wallowing in anger.  I felt so much lighter after my posting yesterday.  Then I read Todd’s and even more of that weight lifted.  So Steph?  Thanks.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for the good advice that helped me to release some of it.  That’s a gift I’ll always treasure.

Aidan is a bit grumpy this morning.  He’s got a little testiness going on and considering he had me up at 4:40 am, I can easily say that I’m feeling some as well.  I got him a bottle, brought him into bed with us and crossed my fingers that he’d go back to sleep.  He flipped, flopped, babbled, and in general made it completely impossible to go back to sleep.  I got in my cuddling though.  I rubbed my face against his soft hair and kissed his feet.  (I know, how can you do both??  Well, it’s easy when they are flopping all over… sooner or later those bits end up draped over you…)

Bren is sacked out.  He is scheduled to go on a field trip with his class today.  I believe it involves a hayride and pumpkins that they can pick out.  He’s been very specific about how he has to find a pumpkin he can lift – no bigger.  I’m curious to see how that one comes out!  We’ve got a new routine added…  We watch House and Fringe.  Brennan tells me that he likes the science in Fringe better than House…  Even though the “science” in Fringe is questionable, we’re just glad that he’s enjoying it.  As for House – well, he was interested in human anatomy when he was about two…  I have a great anatomy book and we’ve enjoyed looking at it… so I’ve decided that we’ll do some more exploring on that topic.  Todd found a great website for simple kids’ science projects and we’re going to start experimenting after we’re settled at the new place.

And book time has expanded for us now…  Aidan is really good with them and seems to have more patience than Bren did at the same age.  So now we have book time with all of us and then one on one time for me and Bren.  I like the routine.  I like knowing that I have time for my boys, each day, and it’s not rushed… not forced.

Bren chose “Skippyjon Jones: In the Doghouse” last night…  I LOVE that book!  It’s hilarious.  It’s linguistically challenging to read.  It’s fun.  Mom gets something out of it… so does child.

Does it get any better??

Hmmm… I suppose I need to get ready and get into the office.  I have telephone interviews to conduct, finances to maintain, and an office that needs me.  I’ll get off work today and the insanity of this weekend will start.  We do our walk-through at 6 and then poof!  all semblance of waiting will be done and the crazy packing and moving will begin.

If we can have 75-80% finished this weekend, I’ll try to be satisfied.  I doubt we’ll make it to 100%… then again, miracles have happened before.  Perhaps this will be a weekend of miracles.

It’s Friday and it’s payday.  By my method of tracking, it’s a good day.  Wish us luck with the move.  It’s a good thing and it’s good timing.

Cheers to all of you out there, working for a small amount of pay, watching your budgets get crushed with inflation….



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