Cosmic jokes

…are not funny.

Although, and keep in mind, this is my seriously “wrong” sense of humor…  the funniest part about last night was Bren sitting up in his bed crying (yeah, bad mommy) and not saying anything to Todd except “Quick!”  Todd lost no time in responding to it and grabbed poor little dude off his bed, got him to the bathroom… just not quick enough.  I woke up, dizzy and sick, to find Bren in bathroom crying and Todd gagging.  From then on, it wasn’t the stuff of humor anymore.  Baby was crying… I wanted to cry… Bren was wailing.

All this at 1:30 in the morning.  Moms should have three arms.  They should also have spare bodies, so when one is sick, the other can take over.  That’s my theory anyway.

I want to go back to sleep, but I need to call the library and talk to Kathy.   I hope she understands.  I hope she will agree to having me start next Monday.  It will get us through whatever the hell this bug is plus moving.  Honestly, if we can make it through this, life will be better.

and no.  I’m not laughing right now.



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