Saturday Thoughts

I was up early with Aidan, but luckily I got him to mellow out in his bed for a while.  This is effectively “baby snooze”…

Now the kids are up and cartoons are on.  Funny how they have changed so much, and, with cable cartoon channels, it’s not as exciting to get to Saturday morning… but it’s still a fun thing.  Bren will watch them while I organize and start the laundry.

Then it’s packing time.  I need more boxes and a couple bins sure would be nice.  My computing/crafting/sewing area alone needs 4 or 5 boxes.  Then there’s the boys’ room.  oy.  Some of it is already boxed and some of it can be taken over as it is… but there’s a lot to do.

It’s one of those days where I have a ton to do and I’d really love to just slack off.  But it’s not in the cards.  Bren has a birthday party to attend this afternoon. Todd’s taking him out to do the birthday shopping and I’m going to stay here with “monkey butt” so I can get some housework and homework done.  Then we swap duties and I head off to the party with the bigger monkey.  It’ll be a beautiful afternoon, so it’ll be nice to get outside.  It’s just hard because I know I have so much to do here.

And this is a weird thing… I’ve been having a hard time going to bed early each evening.  I just want to stay up.  I think it’s because I don’t want the new day to start, but who knows…  It could just be that I’m too caught up in weird things.

I want to sit down and write out a nice e-letter to my friend, Kimiora, this evening too.  How do you condense what is essentially a lifetime into a letter?  I want to know what she’s been doing all this time too.  I know she’s a botanist – which is very cool!  I know where she lives now and I know she’s an aunt.

I’m still thinking things over.  I’d like to share some of the funny things and definitely the great moments…  but more than anything, I’d like to sit down over a cup of tea and just talk…  Writing is fine.  We all know that I like to write.  It’s just not the way I want to reconnect.  I’d like to hear her stories.  I imagine she has incredible stories to tell.

I suppose this means I need to get things done here – be effective and efficient – take care of work and school.  Then, when a break presents itself, arrange a visit.  That’s what I’d like more than anything.

Minor topic change… Aidan has the washable crayons out.  They’re all over the floor, which isn’t concerning me – yet.  He brought one over to me and was babbling about it.  While he was standing there, his head was tipped down, making his cheeks look fat and round.  The back of his head makes that wonderful curve, his hair curling up slightly where it’s longest near his neck.  I love those lines.  I love the way it’s that ultimately sweet baby-into-boy look that they get when they’re toddlers.

I love that he smiles at me, all gums and little tiny teeth, when I look at him.  I love the way he smells like soap and sugar and just a hint of grubby.  I like the way he looks up at me and I can see his brain working away like mad, but then his daddy comes into the room and it’s all over for mom.  Mom, who?


Got interrupted, made breakfast, did a bit of laundry and STILL there’s three baskets to be done.

Todd and Bren are leaving to do the birthday shopping and I’m fighting a headache.  I suppose I should take something to head it off and get on with my day.  I read the story about the woman who could remember EVERY moment of her life, starting at a point in childhood.  Can you imagine?  Every step I’ve take today, remembered in infinite and boring detail?

Boggles my mind.

I have nothing brilliant or stimulating to add to this.  Today my brain has become sludgy and tired.  I know I need to read, need to immerse myself in the information transfer cycle… need to get up on Wimba and put together a great presentation.  It’s the endless list stacked up in front of the homework and studying that is almost overwhelming.  I want to wiggle my nose, Samantha-style, and have all the packing done.  I want to pull a Jeannie and have everything zapped into place…

That reminds me that I only liked one of the “Darrens” on Bewitched… the cute one, not the geeky one.  The cute one always made me smile and I was just a kid.

Weird, what’ll pop into your mind on a Saturday morning.

Well.  That’d be it for now.  I feel the press and tug of all the other things I need to do.  First, though, a cup of coffee.  A little liquid motivation and an excuse to sit for just a few minutes more.



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