You call THIS sleeping in?

Woke up before my alarm.  Damn it.

I’m being lazy right now… Checking email, taking my thryoid meds, and hoping that I get rid of the stuffy head, feeling sluggish, brain dead thing…  I have a long day ahead of me and I’m paranoid about not getting home tonight because this flight may be full and overbooked tonight, but every other flight is too.  Stupidity on the part of the airlines to overbook.  There’s a reason.  If I get bumped, I will probably turn into the biggest cow on the planet.  I believe in being nice but this is insane.  I have children who need me to get home.


And we do our presentation today.  I’ll be glad to have it done and be able to move on to the next project.  All the hours of work…  sigh…  It’s been unreal.  I would, in a heartbeat, work on research and writing with Susan again.  We get into a pattern and groove that makes us challenge each other to take it all to a higher, better level.  That’s the kind of collaboration I want to be a part of for my academic (and beyond) careeer.

On a more visceral level – my feet are still killing me.  And carting around the laptop in my special backpack really munched my back.  Oh yeah, and the seats on the airplane killed my neck.  Awful things.  Plus the seating in class was killing me too.  I’m hurting from my toes to the base of my skull.  I’m going to call my chiropractor next week… when I have a moment…. and go in to get some relief.

Now it’s time to get moving, get showered, and get checked out.  I know that I could laze here for a while longer, but I want to review our research one more time and I want to be sure that I got everything packed up properly.  Honestly, cranky doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling and it’s really due to the physcial pain.  Mentally, I’m ready to go and I know that I want to be a contributor in this week’s class.

Here I go…  Today is a long one and I won’t be home until about 10pm Boise time.  It could be even worse if I’m bumped from that flight.  The thought of that makes me nauseous.  PLEASE airline gods, please don’t let me be bumped.

Cross your fingers for me,



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