10th Anniversary

We’re getting ready to take me to work, which will lead to my being picked up to head off to Portland for another weekend of class.

But first, and right now, more importantly:  Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  I’d put it in all caps, but that might be too much.  I’m bummed that we couldn’t do something special to celebrate our day.  We weren’t young when we got married, not by some standards, still it seems a long time ago.  I look at the pictures and I know I didn’t have any grays or the crinkles by my eyes.

Boy.  We had NO idea what was coming for us!  I almost want to laugh about how funny we were.  Now the two of us have grown to four…  Things that seemed easy at the time, aren’t.  Things that we never considered possible, are.

I love my honey in so many ways now – ways that are the same as back then and ways that have grown beyond what I could have expected.  I know that there are days when we natter at each other (mostly me) and there are days when we downright fight… but the good days so far outweigh the bad as to make me wonder why we even let ourselves get there sometimes.

Right now I’m about 25 lbs heavier than I was when we got married – Todd’s probably not far off from what he was then.  We’re both students, instead of just me.  We watch the news each morning, where we used to sleep in.

And now it hits me…  growing old with someone really is just that.  We’ve grown older, some ways better… and some maybe a bit more rigid and unyielding.  I look at his face sometimes and I don’t see the older guy…  I just see the man I love.

I hope we have many, many more anniversaries.  I hope some day we aren’t busy or separate or broke.  I hope we find an anniversary where the two of us are surrounded by our children and our grandchildren.  I hope some day I look over, see past gray hair, wrinkled skin and all I see is that same great guy that told me “I do” twice.

Cheers on a happy Friday – emoting moonfire.


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